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Fiercely Effective Copy + Content for Healthcare and Lifestyle Brands that want to be KING.





Does this sound painfully familiar?

You manage a healthcare facility or retail brand. You tried saving money by tackling your website copy “in-house” (read: yourself).

The results are drabber than Grandma’s 1958 prom dress - they just don’t reflect the kick and authority of your business.

You run a full-service marketing agency. You pride yourself on overdelivering, but you’re drowning in a tsunami your Asana list.

You’ve lost MONEY and CLIENTS by spending precious hours trying to craft critical corporate correspondence and high-converting headlines.

You’ve got a compelling personal brand, but you've invested so much in an email campaign that you can’t cough up $2.95 for a latte.

The open rate was gloomier than Azkaban, and the CTR even worse. Where are you going wrong?

Hi, I’m Michal!

Proud New Yorker, Extreme Type A-er, and copywriter on a kill—to make you money.

I help on-fire businesses leave competitors squinting in the Sahara via Bazooka-sticky copy that attracts the right customers, increases sales, and creates irresistible brands.

I’ve done it for 154 businesses.
And I’ll do it for you.


You need to woo the people who appreciate your product most.

I help you do that via LASER-TARGETED COPY for your website, ad campaign, sales sheets, print collateral, and social media.


You know what you want to say.

I show you how to say it in a way that hypnotizes prospects and revs up your brand.


You need to build credibility and authority.

I help you do that by masterminding a detailed content strategy that positions you as an industry leader.

Straight from the Client’s Mouth:

I will transform your midnight-scribbled gibberish into powerful, persuasive, 420 lb. copy that SELLS.

For nearly a decade, I’ve pumped out oomph-oozing copy for marketing firms, small businesses, and nonprofits.

I am super versatile, with experience prowling in a variety of platforms (digital + print media) and a spectrum of styles (edgy-casual / sophisticated-artsy / corporate-conservative).

Hire me ➔
Get sharp, $$$-generating copy, delivered by a personable team player who keeps her word.
Don’t hire me ➔
Risk flabby, yawn-inducing text that has readers frantically flipping the page – or compulsively clicking the X button – faster than you can say “BAD INVESTMENT”

If you..

  • Need hard-hitting, strategic text built on proven formulas and statistics
  • Are tired of working with people who think deadlines are suggestions
  • Require frequent copy but don’t have the budget for an in-house guy
  • Want a bona fide marketing professional who spends her free time devouring zebras Hubspot and Crazy Egg

Then it’s time for us to talk.

About Michal

For nearly a decade, Michal Eisikowitz has been pumping out oomph-oozing copy for marketing firms, small businesses, and nonprofits.

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75 N Woodward Ave Suite 80080
Tallahassee, FL 32313-7500

(516) 900-4334