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Complete Website Copy

Brand Messaging & Positioning Guide
+ Website Copy

AKA: your Caramel Macchiato

Does this sound like you?

“My business has grown enormously, but my website got left behind — it  looks like it (barely) survived Y2K.”

“I tried saving money with a cheaper writer, but the copy is so boring even I can’t get through it — and I own this place!”

“We invested $10,000 in a new website, but it’s not doing anything—because it was a shot in the dark. There’s no cohesive voice, and it wasn’t based on any real research.”

“We’re really good at selling once the prospect steps through our door. But we need more people stepping through that door— and our website is not generating leads!”

There are FEW THINGS more frustrating than wasting hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on a site that gets read by...Googlebot.

We can help transform your website into a highly persuasive, 24/7/365 salesperson who:

Shoulders all the heavy-sales-lifting for your very best prospects(so by the time you get on the call, they are 97% sold).

Speaks straight to your dream client’s deepest pains + desires (so you’re not just spewing random words and *praying* someone bites)

Differentiates your brand from the cliché-infested competition (so you don’t dissolve into the black hole of “dedicated, passionate, and dynamic.”)

We’ve helped create dozens of zero-fluff, mucho-effective websites to date.

And we can do it for you.
"We expected Michal to be a regular copywriter. What we got was way more."

She listened carefully to our needs, learned about our company, then implemented that into really sharp messaging. She figured out how to present our offering in the clearest, most compelling way. I’d recommend her to anyone who is trying to sharpen their marketing pitch; in fact, we’ve since hired her on retainer.

David Levy
CFO, iAG Energy
"We just completed copy for 3 websites and could not be happier with the product as well as the process. "

Michal got a good grasp of our business in a short amount of time, then produced sharp messaging that captured our selling points. Her system is fine-tuned: you’re not sitting there waiting to see what’s going to happen or waiting to hear back.

Tzvi Miller
CEO, One70 Group

"What do I get when I work with you?"

All website copywriting packages include:
Research + Discovery
Get to Know Your Brand
  • Comprehensive interviews with key stakeholders to complete a detailed questionnaire, analyze existing materials, and crystallize distinct services + target markets.
  • Customized questionnaires to collect info for team bios (where relevant)
Voice-of-Customer Research

Gathering of critical voice-of-customer messaging and powerful testimonials via:

  • Targeted customer survey (we create it, you send it out)
  • Up to 3 one-on-one interviews with your best customers:
    • Coordination: personalized invites + scheduling
    • Execution: a thorough (but non-interrogative) interview that makes you look GOOD
    • Data Organization: Organizing the mass of information so it becomes understandable, useful, and...actionable.
Data Mining for (Messaging) Gold

Review of all feedback from past and current customers to mine messaging gold.

  • Careful review of:
    • all online reviews and any customer feedback acquired to date.
    • Google Analytics, heat maps, and chat logs to assess current site’s strengths and weaknesses.
    • online customer reviews for similar services and/or products.
Competitive Analysis

Thorough analysis of competitors’ websites & branding to pinpoint market weaknesses — and get a good understanding of your positioning potential.

Complete Brand Messaging Guide

Beautifully-designed PDF deliverable that serves as a comprehensive verbal identity & positioning guide:

  • Outlines the conclusions of all research & competitive analysis
  • Ensures a powerful, consistent voice across all touchpoints — for today, and for all future marketing materials.
  • Articulates all foundational positioning & messaging elements, including:
    • Brand personality
    • Brand mission
    • Brand values
    • Elevator pitch
    • Brand promise
    • Unique Selling Point
    • Core Benefits
    • Objections + Hesitations
    • Brand Voice
    • Bonus Messaging
    • Customer Persona
Recommended Site Map
  • Recommended site navigation with clear explanations, based on gathered research.
    • Page breakdown (parent pages, child pages)
    • Page titles
Website copy, a la perfectionist
  • Engaging, SEO-optimized copy that gets your best prospects clicking
  • Two rounds of revisions
Visual Direction & Teamwork
  • Clear, detailed direction for your designer and developer, including images, font sizes, and recommendations for layout
  • Ongoing collaboration with your designer, developer, and SEO professional (to ensure a final product that makes this perfectionist do a happy dance)
“There are some people who are born copywriters. Michal is one of them.”

There are some people who are born copywriters. Michal is one of them. She finds that delicate balance between motivating people to buy and making them feel *good* about doing so. She infuses a down-to-earth humanity in everything she writes. Although she's a perfectionist when it comes to executing on shrewd business strategies and client work, she embraces the selling-power of imperfection and humor when she needs it. Any business owner would be doing themselves, their customers, and their bottom line a favor by hiring Michal.

Alaura Weaver
Growth Marketing Consultant and Content Strategist

Which web copy cone are you craving?

(because ice cream solves everything)
The Full Sundae
10 pages
You get:
  • Complete Brand Messaging Guide
  • Compelling, data-driven copy for 10  pages of your site:
    • Home
    • Product
    • 8 additional pages
Double Scoop
6 pages
You get:
  • Complete Brand Messaging Guide
  • Compelling, data-driven copy for 6 pages of your site:
    • Home
    • Product
    • 4 additional pages
Single Scoop
3 pages
You get:
  • Complete Brand Messaging Guide
  • Compelling, data-driven copy for 3 pages of your site:
    • Home
    • Product
    • 1 additional page
“Catch her while you can.”

If you want a professional, creative copywriter who will not only write compelling copy, but will also deliver it a day early, YOU MUST WORK WITH MICHAL. Michal is both talented and diligent. And she treats her clients like royalty. The only downside? She’s too good! Catch her while you can... before she’s booked solid!

Kira Hug
CEO, Kira Hug Media
"If you get the chance to work with Michal, seize it."

If you get the chance to work with Michal, seize it. She’s a terrific copywriter who invests the time and effort to truly understand the customer's needs to get the right response (and sales). All the pieces are here — great writer, smart strategist, easy to work with. Hire her. She's that good.

Rob Marsh
CEO, Brandstory
"A talented professional!"

Michal doesn’t just write well; she writes to generate a measurable increase in sales and conversions. And when I work with her, I know that projects will be done quickly and efficiently the first time around. A talented professional!

Tzivia Cohen
Chief Marketing Strategist, 14 Minds

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