You’re ashamed to admit it, but writing is not your thing. You’re a seriously good salesman—but you struggle to translate that skill onto paper.

yes this is me!
No, not me!

So much needs to happen...and it needs to happen WELL. You are stressed out and your family feels it (just ask Husband). You lose sleep at night thinking of your clients—and their expectations.

yes this is me!
No, not me!

So much needs to happen...and it needs to happen WELL. You are stressed out and your family feels it (just ask Husband). You lose sleep at night thinking of your clients—and their expectations.

yes this is me!
No, not me!
yes this is me!
No, not me!

You want

More leads

More sales

More authority

web copywriting + strategy
for SaaS and B2B brands

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Choose your business doppelgänger.

(AKA which person sounds like you?)

Don't sweat.

We're here to get you pristine copy that attracts the right customers, increases sales, and creates irresistible brands.

Hi! I'm Michal

Proud New Yorker, Extreme Type A-er, and founder at Michal Eisik Media
— a boutique copywriting agency.

I help growing businesses leave competitors
scrambling to keep up
via messaging that keeps customers plastered (till their contact lenses hurt).
Heads up:
I don’t lose well. So if I’m on your team, we’re going to WIN.
(this could be you!)
Relaxed. Confident. Getting regular updates.
Glued to my chair till every detail is in place. (‘cept for ice cream breaks)
Mildly obsessive? Check.
Allergic to mediocre copy? Double check.
Swiss-style punctuality? Triple check.

Clients we've been
privileged to help

“So how can you help me now?”

Sales Copy
You need to sell your (great) product or service. LOTS of it.

But how aware are your customers? What are their problems? And how are you perfectly positioned to solve them?

We dig deep to find those pain points, then drill down hard till the sale becomes a no-brainer. (Like “GET-ME-MY- AMEX-NOW” no-brainer.)

Web Copy
Your website is the face of your brand — and you need it to  knock off their socks Eccos.

But how many pages do you need? What should be featured on each page? And which tone is right for you?

We help you bang out the content strategy, then create tight, oh-so-human copy that keeps your visitors reading (even in the face of a juicy Facebook ping).

You need to turn your (blasé) subscribers into (salivating) buyers.

But how do you get your best prospects to GRIN when they see you in their inbox? And how do you get them to open — and click through — consistently?

We create intriguing, must-read-the-next-sentence emails that EXPLODE your conversions and get your warmest leads to whitelist you, FAST.


Why would you want to work with a perfectionista team?

You can sleep. Blissfully.

You never get stood up, left wondering: ‘where in the world is my copy?’ I don't do late. I don't do mediocre. In fact, I don't do anything I can't excel in, because I'm a Perfectionist with a capital P.

You get a perceptive strategist.

I believe big picture + details = DYNAMITE RESULTS. So you’re guaranteed a holistic marketing strategy that takes into account your whole story, coupled by a ruthless eye for detail.

You can throw off this burden.

Let go, pal. I GOT THIS. (And you can head off to Boca.) I’m a relentless, proactive initiator. I will drive the entire process, so you can focus on what you do best.

You'll feel comfortable with me.

Like we're old friends. Cuz I don't judge. How could I? I eat two bowls of ice cream a day. (Side note: I believe 10 servings of vegetables cancels it out.)

You’ll ENJOY this.

The copywriting process should be collaborative — and fun. I build a rapport with my clients that lasts long after the page goes live.

A few things we’ve done for past clients:

Tripled an established nonprofit’s revenue
Improved a client’s site conversions by 200%
Raised a client’s email open rates by 300%
This email campaign helped grow a SaaS company’s client base by over 50% in less than 30 days.
This nonprofit email campaign raised $31,000 in 72 hours.
This email got a
14.3% click-through rate

Your business is not a joke.

You can’t afford to throw dollar bills at some “expert” (while crossing your fingers and praying for results). You need a hungry perfectionist who never stops learning — someone who’s invested 1000s of dollars + hours in ongoing training and peer critique to make sure YOU get an extraordinary return.

Straight from the Client's Mouth:

"If you get the chance to work with Michal, seize it. She’s a terrific copywriter who invests the time and effort to truly understand the customer's needs to get the right response (and sales). All the pieces are here — great writer, smart strategist, easy to work with. Hire her. She's that good."

Rob Marsh
CEO of Brandstory

"We expected Michal to be a regular copywriter. What we got was way more than we ever expected. She listened carefully to our needs, learned all about our company, then implemented that into really sharp messaging. She figured out how how to present our offering in the clearest, most compelling way. I’d recommend her to anyone who is trying to sharpen their marketing pitch, and we look forward to working with her in the future. Two thumbs up!"

David Levy
CFO, iAG Energy

"I've been singing Michal's praises to industry friends, colleagues, anyone who will listen. We needed a fabulous copywriter to create engaging, targeted text for our from-scratch website. She delivered that plus more, all on deadline and with remarkable professionalism. I've already shown off her work to several friends, and will keep doing so!"

Justin Weinberg
Administrator, Morris Park  Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

"Michal doesn’t just write well; she writes to generate a measurable increase in sales and conversions. And when I work with her, I know that projects will be done quickly and efficiently the first time around. A talented professional!"

Tzivia Cohen
Chief Marketing Strategist, 14 Minds

"If you want a professional, creative copywriter who will not only write compelling copy, but will also deliver it a day early, YOU MUST WORK WITH MICHAL. Michal is both talented and diligent. And she treats her clients like royalty. The only downside? She’s too good! Catch her while you can... before she’s booked solid!"

Kira Hug
CEO, Kira Hug Media

"Michal is an awesome copywriter. She takes raw, cluttered thoughts and transforms them into powerful prose that keeps you hooked. Her copy strikes that elusive balance of results-centered yet personality-pumping. She is fast, responsive, and simply gets it. It seems like she knows me better than I know myself. I warmly recommend her to anyone looking to uplevel their brand."

Oved Lib
CFO, Birch Event Design

“Working with Michal has been a pleasure: competence and skill combined is a rare commodity which she possess in abundance.”

Asher Weinberger
Co-founder, TribeWorks

"Michal is not just a copywriter. She’s an integral part of my company’s growth. She will take the initiative and tell me what needs attention. And if I ask her to do something, it gets done. I have 110% confidence that it will get done. A talented and devoted individual!"

Elisheva Perlman
Founder and Chief Creative Officer, The Anelis Group

So... how's your story going to end?

Hire me
  • Get sharp, on-brand copy that feels exquisitely right
  • Feel confident to drive traffic to your website — because it actually reflects your value
  • Enjoy a smoother-than-smoothie process with a personable team that delivers
Don’t hire me
  • Lose MUCH-NEEDED income from prospects who get turned off by your (cobbled-together) brand
  • Get flabby, yawn-inducing copy that has readers frantically flipping the page — or compulsively clicking the X button — faster than you can say “BAD INVESTMENT”
  • Make your competitor REALLY happy 😁
Yes! I need this done RIGHT