It’s not me. It’s YOU.

Seriously, this is ABOUT YOU.

You know that
has RIDICULOUS power:

  • Power to make the sale
  • Power to boost your brand
  • Power to attract serious donors + investors
Problem is, your current copy is BLAH.
  • It reads like a treatise on mechanical hydrolysis.
  • It feels like a rerun of a 2 AM infomercial.
  • It has the potency of rice — and the precision of a toddler.

You tried hiring a copywriter, but all you got was some fancy-schmancy, jargon-oozing prose that had the engagement rate of a QUANTUM PHYSICS MANUAL.

And that other time, when you needed a drip campaign? You got a flood!...of unsubscribes.

{Cue the violins}
Are you ready to CHANGE THE GAME?

Our copywriting is not about guesswork (“let’s take ANOTHER shot in the dark!”) or cloning competitors (“let’s be ANOTHER sheep in the herd!”).

This is John.
He's a WINNER!
We help you WIN the game by:
  • Discovering your irreplicable brand DNA and communicating it to the world.
  • Using oven-fresh, grin-worthy language that your readers haven’t seen a zillion times before.
  • Doing the painstaking (sometimes BOH-RING) research to yield messaging that takes customers from cucumber-cool to jalapeño-hot.

Because good copy projects the uniqueness of your offering in such a vivid, memorable way, that your prospects are PINING for more.

Who am I?

I’m passionate about words. Ever since I was a young child I wrote great book reports. I got 100 on my 12th grade English regent (shameless show-off) and I hold a Masters in Communication Sciences yada yada yada. We are, like, allergic to clichés here.

Name’s Michal.
I’m a….
  • Wife (not the Stepford kind)
  • Mother (of five Energizer Bunnies)
  • Recovering ice cream addict (caramel ONLY!).
I’m also an….
  • Internationally published writer.
  • Proud New YAWKAH.
  • Author of two books.
  • Hopeless perfectionist.

And...results-obsessed copywriter who’s spent over a decade turning clients into WINNERS. I believe good copy is an exquisite reflection of the brand, and I’ll dig deep to discover that brand.

My trademark is laser-targeted copy that’s fresh, tight, and effortless to read.

Which means your customers develop a visceral connection with your brand — and choose YOU for the sale!

"Michal came up with a slam-dunk name for my new business and a bunch of great messaging that I can use across all marketing materials. She really understood where I was coming from — she gets it. I’ve already recommended her to friends and will continue to do so."

Yakir Markowitz
CEO, Hiarc Group

“Michal created a compelling set of emails that generated some great opportunities: 30 days later, our client base had increased significantly. She was easy to work with and integrated feedback very well. We’d recommend her to anyone who needs tight, clear, and evidence-based copywriting.”

Avi Singer

"Michal Eisikowitz is a magician of words and a conductor of resources; she is my #1 go-to person for copywriting and marketing. I love her ability to (a) creatively brainstorm while keeping me goal-focused (b) critically review content until it perfectly conveys the target message (c) instantly draw on the extensive resources and contacts she has at her fingertips.  I would highly recommend Michal's professionalism at every point, and would absolutely refer her to anyone with copywriting needs."

Debbie Fox
Director, Magen Yeladim International

“Michal is very detail-oriented and simply gets it where it would take others much more time to do the same. Michal did great work and is an extremely talented and wonderful writer. We highly recommend her.”

Eli Verschleiser
Chairman at the Multi Group of Companies

10 Years Experience in Marketing & Copywriting

Past positions:

Assistant Marketing Director, Senior Copywriter,
Publishing Consultant, Journalist.

Master's degree

Master's degree in Communication Sciences.


Author of 73 published magazine features to date.

Check out my work
Warning: It's hot!

A taste of our secret sauce.


Penetrate the core of your brand and excavate its gold before banging out a word.

  • Interview key players
  • Analyze the competition
  • Review all customer feedback
  • Crystallize your USP

Take that snarky-looking blank page and load it with written goodness built on your company’s unique offerings + proven marketing research and formulas.


Work with you and your team till the tweaking is done and we all feel like showing off this project to every random person on the subway. (I New York)

You’ll love working with us because...

We get it DONE.

No “dog-ate-my-first-draft!” emails that give you a pit in the stomach. On deadline, every time.

We keep you wide-eyed.

We're on a mission to zap out snore-inducing copy that kills brands before they have a chance to take their first breath. (It’s tragic!)

We use science.

This is not about unleashing our creative souls. We apply proven formulas and the most current marketing + psychology research to get you RESULTS.

Does this get your adrenaline pumping?
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Are we a good fit?

My 4 Commandments of Copywriting
No clichés.

A “high-quality” product means…absolutely nothing. Get ready to drill deep into your product or brand, and discover the specific, measurable elements that make it marvelous.

No dilly dallying.

Responsive clients get better, faster results. When we work together, we’ll expect timely feedback from you —and you can expect prompt, deliciously perfectionized copy from us.

No corporate gobbledygook.

People do business with people they like. People that sound...human. Let’s partner to create unpretentious copy that makes people nod and say “How did they crawl into my head?”

No sketchy brands.

Sleazy salesmen are not invited to this party. We take pride in promoting inspiring brands & people who bring real value to the table.

We're in this together.

If you’ve invested in my agency, you deserve great impeccable.

We'll keep wrangling words till every sentence feels like silk, till every kink’s been ironed out, till the folks on your team put down their lattes, look you in the eye, and say “Woah.”
Cause we're a perfectionists with a jumbo-sized P.

Stop wasting time + money on people who don't get it.

If you follow our process and rely on our expertise, we'll transform your mildly incoherent bullet-points into powerful, persuasive copy that’s even more perfect than your brother (the doctor).
If you...
  • Need hard-hitting, strategic copy built on proven formulas & statistics
  • Are tired of working with people who think deadlines are suggestions
  • Have a great marketing team but need pros who SPECIALIZE in copy
  • Want a team led by an overachieving perfectionist who spends her free time devouring Hubspot & CXL (and ice cream)