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Step 1
Get to Know You
Step 2
Make it Happen
Step 3
Tweaking Time
Step 4
Take your Bows

How the



There are no surprises here.

No wild-eyed, bloodshot artists. No praying for creativity to strike at midnight. Why? Because copywriting is equal parts science and art.

It’s about plodding through a proven (and fun!) process without forgetting personality at the doorstep.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with me:

Get to Know You
Let’s schmooze.

Do we have synergy? Let’s jump on a call and find out. I’ll get a solid understanding of your project —scope, goals, timeline — and you’ll get a sense if I’m the right person for the job.

I will:

  • Listen carefully
  • Ask pointed questions
  • Bang out the details.

If we’re a good fit, I’ll send a proposal of work. This will include a detailed list of deliverables, a firm project quote, and a general timeline.

You’ll get a clear understanding of:

  • What you’ll be getting
  • How the magic will happen
  • When you can expect to cradle the copy in your hands

Surprises? Hidden costs? Blech.

Get some COPY WAZE.

Sometimes, our initial chat will reveal that you’re not clear about the copy you need. You have this vague sense of “I need content; don’t know what kind,” or “I need copy, but I have a fixed budget and I’m not sure where to invest first.” Not a problem. We’ll schedule a roadmapping session to plot your goals, develop a strategy, and figure out which marketing materials make the most sense for your business right now. 

The first 30 minutes of your initial consultation is on-the-house.

Make it Happen
We’re a fit? Yahoo!

Once you accept my proposal and sign the agreement, I’ll finalize your project kickoff date and you’ll make a 50% deposit.

Then, I’ll start working to achieve a down-to-the-kishkes understanding of your product, brand, and goals, via:

  • A detailed branding questionnaire
  • A comprehensive phone kickoff session (60-90 minutes)
  • Extensive industry + market research
  • Exhaustive competitive analysis
  • Careful review of customer feedback

I’ll ask you a lot of questions, because no one knows more about your business than you.

I want to SEE your target audience — feel them, touch them, hear them. I want to eavesdrop as they mumble about the stuff that ANNOYS them most…and squeal about the stuff that get them PUMPING.

I will:

  • Zero in on your company branding
  • Get a good sense of the tone you’re looking for
  • Create a profile of your dream customer
  • Gather critical info on their most distressing pain points
  • Analyze your competitors’ wickedest marketing tricks.

I might:

  • Evaluate previous marketing campaigns
  • Schedule interviews with your best customers
  • Build a carefully-crafted survey for your list
  • Ask to speak to relevant team members.

Intelligence in hand, I’ll get my fingers flying across the keyboard — and send you a detailed summary outline. This outline will give you a clear copy breakdown, showing you which messaging and concepts will be featured on each page. Once the outline is reviewed and approved, I’ll work my magic to produce an impressive first draft before our agreed-upon deadline.

(Note: the first draft will be dotted with lots of follow-up comments and questions.)

Tweaking Time

Here’s where we transform a solid first effort into a wow-wow-wow final. You’ll review my first draft and send your honest feedback. (Bring it on! I can take it!) Then I’ll incorporate your edits and polish, polish, polish till you see your reflection in the document. (Sans pimples.)


You’re entitled to 2 rounds of revisions as part of your package.

Plus, your copy includes detailed, easy-to-understand recommendations for images and layout. I’ll stick around for a while, because collaboration is critical: I work closely with your designer + developer to ensure optimal interface of visuals and copy.

Take your Bows
We are ready to roll.

Once we’ve nailed it — with a punch-packing, perfected version that goes over BIG at the water cooler — I’ll send you the final, and you’ll be charged the remaining 50% via credit card.  Then you’ll break out the champagne…and email your friends about this perfectionist copywriter you met.


Are you ready to
  • Get qualified leads with LESS sweat?
  • Use the right messaging to attract BETTER clients?
  • Increase your sales, and make MORE money?
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Straight from the Client's Mouth:

"Working with Michal was an amazing experience. From our first conversation to the last. A true professional and a pleasure to work with. The best in the industry!"

Saul Wolhendler
Chief Strategy Officer, Citadel Care Centers

"Michal came recommended to me via multiple sources, and we've collaborated on numerous projects.

Her copy stands out for its sparkle and vibrance; it carries a compelling beat, while staying true to the client's style. Each piece is a vivid read that lets you fully experience the product or service, flowing with just the right balance of zing and weight. An exceptional professional who is a pleasure to work with!"

Charna Ambers
Creative Director at CB Design NY

“Michal's marketing skills are excellent. She writes winning book flaps, ad copy, press releases, web copy and many other marketing tasks. She has her finger on the pulse of what readers want and her work is well-researched and professional.”

Esther Heller
Editorial Director at Menucha Publishers

“Michal took raw, dry details and turned them into something engaging — something people want to read. She made things easy by sending us a detailed questionnaire: all we had to do was fill it out. And thanks to her persistent follow-up, we sensed she was “on top” of the situation throughout. There were no surprises: prices, delivery times, and content plans were clear, and all expectations were met. She is definitely a copywriter I plan to recommend!”

Naftali Zanziper
President, The Portopiccolo Group

Yenta, are we a good match?

If you need someone who...
  • Writes copy with STRATEGY
  • Knows that customer research is WHERE IT’S AT
  • Makes sure every MORPHEME on the page is advancing your goals
  • Dots every I and crosses every T, because perfection is in her BLOOD
  • Has invested extensively in her copywriting career, to ensure your greatest ROI
  • Has a roster of satisfied clients to prove it
Then we are marketing soulmates.
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If you want someone who...
  • Writes “words”
  • Comes up with clever headlines
  • Can start work tomorrow
  • Offers you a bargain
  • Serves up text-only deliverables (with zero direction for visuals)
  • Can “fill up” the pages of your website or brochure (so they don’t look too empty)
  • Doesn’t pay attention to the details, cause she’s got bigger things to worry about
Then I’m NOT your (wo)man.

(But we can still be friends! Connect with or follow me on LinkedIn)