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Read my Frequently Asked Questions:

Nope — I’m a word specialist. But design and copy go hand in hand, so I’ve developed a solid understanding of design and UX — and how they impact conversions. Drawing on years of training and experience, I’ll work closely with your chosen designer to make sure the design and copy integrate for MAXIMUM results.

Timelines vary depending on project scope but on average, website packages take 4-6 weeks from start to finish, including research and discovery. If you have a specific deadline that needs to be met, please let me know right away.

I'm not cheap — and for good reason. When you work with me, you're partnering with a  highly-trained, highly-experienced strategist who is NOT stringing together ABCs — she's developing messaging that will GET YOU MORE CUSTOMERS. Good copywriting costs $$$, but bad copywriting costs you MORE. You can get a sense of my pricing by viewing my done-for-you packages here.

I’m often booked one to two months in advance, so the sooner you can let me know the details of your project, the better. Waiting isn’t fun, but my clients have said that I’m well worth the wait! And once we hit your kickoff date, your project will get my complete attention.

I work with a group of master design strategists, and I’ll happily connect you with them. We’ve produced numerous projects together, and our communication is flawless — so you’re guaranteed an agency-level experience...minus the $30,000 overhead. (Yep. That’s $30,000 extra for you to spend on a much-needed vacation...and maybe a new car.)

I feel you! As a fellow entrepreneur, I know this budget thing can be tough. But perfect copy doesn’t come cheap. You may want to consider going for my lowest-cost option—a website audit— where we walk through your website together and I offer specific, actionable ways you can improve your copy and conversions.

Yep! I’m open to working with new people (love meeting talent!) so long as their style and process pass muster.

I specialize in website copy — starting from site map strategy all the way to the eye-popping, UX-optimized final product. But I also provide my clients with the following:

  1. Branding + Voice development
  2. Email copy
  3. Video scripts

Contact me here by completing a short form with your details. If I think I can help you meet your goals, we’ll schedule a 20 minute call to discuss your project and see if we’re a good fit. Once we’ve ironed out the details, I’ll send you a detailed proposal to review. Approve the proposal, sign the contract, make a 50% deposit, and a timeline and kickoff session will follow!