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Book Me for TWO DAYS

Book my
(perfectionist) brain and
ideas for 2 days

A Two-Day Copywriting Intensive that’ll turn mediocre into money-making — and TRANSFORM your most important messaging.

It’s like a merciless personal trainer for your floppiest copy. Prepare to put your most embarrassing copy love-handles through a brutal workout that yields Schwarzenegger abs, an intimidating six-pack... and prospects who say YES.

Does this sound like you?

“I really want your hands on my copy, but there’s no way I can wait 3 months.”

“I need a new website — but I don’t have the budget right now for a full-blown website copy package.

“I’m not starting from zero; I have existing materials. But they need to be seriously improved.

The good news?

My strategic brain — and 10 years of expertise — can be YOURS for 2 days (8 hours total).

That means you get:

10,389,756 marketing-geek, perfectionist neurons laser-focused on:

YOUR copy

YOUR business

YOUR success

The not-so-good news:
I book only two of these packages each month.
“Tight, clear, and evidence-based.”

Michal created a compelling set of emails that generated some great opportunities: 30 days later, our client base had increased significantly. She was easy to work with and integrated feedback very well. We’d recommend her to anyone who needs tight, clear, and evidence-based copywriting.

Avi Singer

Here's how it works:

1. We make a plan

We get on a focused 60-minute kickoff call to review the questionnaire — and lay out your goals for the Intensive.

2. I write, you chill

I hunker down and work on your materials for 6 hours over the next 2 days — while you spend time doing the things you love (jury duty, of course!).

3. You review, I eat

I send you the finished goods and recharge with an everything cream cheese bagel (I’m Jewish; it’s a mitzvah!). You review the docs carefully, inserting any questions, comments or edit requests.

4. We call it a wrap

We regroup during the 8th hour via Zoom, and I live-edit the work based on your feedback.

5. We ce-le-brate

We bring out Bubby’s babka, because your ready-to-rock copy deserves no less than a premium mix of chocolate, sugar and fat.

“Is the Intensive package
for me?”

The two-day package is IDEAL if you need a:

Really quick win
(you can’t wait 3 months to get on my calendar)
Drastic improvement on existing copy
(the dough is there, but it needs some serious kneading)
Homepage or landing page overhaul
(because you’re driving HOT leads to a very UN-HOT website).

Examples of what I can do for you in 2 days:

Homepage Makeover

Create irresistible homepage / landing page copy (based on existing research)

Email Punchup

Sharpen and optimize a set of 7-9 emails.

Emails + Site Audit

Write 4 targeted emails + audit existing site with a video + written review of recommendations.

“The whole experience was so good”

Michal created copy for our all-new, 15+ page website, and the experience was great. She was efficient and easy-to-work-with — regular emails, scheduled phone calls, and a thorough process that made sense. Everything was just good — I can’t think of one thing that could be improved.

Simcha Hyman
CEO, The Portopiccolo Group
"The best in the industry!"

Working with Michal was an amazing experience. From our first conversation to the last. A true professional and a pleasure to work with. The best in the industry!

Saul Wolhendler
Director Of Marketing And Business Development, Preferred Home Care of NY
"Working with Michal was a pleasure"

Michal was very clear in what she would provide, and then she overdelivered—and yes, right on time. She quickly got a handle on our USP and target customer, and she wrote copy that was strategic, concise and full of personality. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a strategic UX writer.

Yechezkel Herz
Marketing Technologist, Cardknox Payments Services

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