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Complete Website Facelift

Chocolate-Covered Cone

Does this sound like you?

I’m embarrassed to show my website to prospects. But I don’t have the time or budget right now to do a full redesign.”

“My website is okay, but I know it could be working harder. I need a fresh pair of expert eyes.”

“I’ve always been a good writer, but when it comes to my own stuff, I’m stumped. I need a copywriter to give me direction — and polish what I’ve written so far.

This is where I strut through the door and say “Heyyyyy.

When your website needs some Botox (the kind that doesn’t look like plastic).....

When your website needs some tough love (because you’re tired of making excuses)....

When your website needs a detail-obsessed expert who’s taken apart dozens of sites and KNOWS the quick fixes that can make all the difference…..

You book a Website Facelift — and get rapid access to a website pro who’s booked 3 months in advance.

How it works:
You give me the lowdown.

You fill out a booking questionnaire so I can best understand your most pressing messaging challenges -- and your most important website goals.

I give you the goods.
  • Comprehensive video review of your entire  site, including a  user experience audit + strategic recommendations for your site visuals and architecture
  • Full professional transcript of the video review so you can easily review the recommendations and implement them
  • A complete Google doc with marked-up copy + comments for 2 core pages (you choose which ones)
  • Copy brainstorming for headlines and taglines
  • Clear direction for body copy so you know exactly what you need to do to optimize.

(Whoa, dat’s a lotta stuff.)

We wrap it up and say “l'chaim!”

You watch the video and review my document.

Then we get on a 30 minute call to discuss. I’ll answer any questions you have — and you’ll feel EM-POWAHED, with a clear list of action items + enhanced copy that’ll help you improve your site fast.

(Yep.  I thought you’d like that.)

Website Facelift
Complete site audit + Copy polish of 2 core pages 
I need a perfectionist to improve my site, fast
"Competence and skill — in abundance.”

Working with Michal has been a pleasure: competence and skill combined is a rare commodity which she possess in abundance.

Asher Weinberger
Co-founder, TribeWorks
“Enormously valuable recommendations”

Michal reviewed a new website I'd built — and in just twenty minutes made multiple recommendations that were enormously valuable. Her suggestions were small and easy to apply, but their impact was big. I was amazed at the value she packed into one short review.

Moshe Paneth
CEO, Zazosell
“High-level work."

Michal is both professional and flexible. I enjoyed working with her, and her work is done at a very high level.

Edward Mermelstein
CEO, One and Only Holdings

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